Branding, Communications and Innovation

After many years with agency networks, Jimmy founded “Mindlab”; a creative, business and innovation based consultancy, working on enhancing brand experiences and perceptions. He has received multiple industry awards, and his work has been published and internationally recognized.

Public Speaking / Workshops

Jimmy Ghazal is a seasoned public speaker and lecturer talking in conferences and events across the region. Lately, he has been actively promoting the notion of “Experience is the new Marketing” because the challenge for brands today is no longer about selling products and services, but rather enhancing and amplifying the perception of the brand. This is done by crafting positive and emotional brand experiences that meet the customers’ expectations. Anytime, anywhere..

Mentoring and Consulting

Jimmy is an Instructor in Media Studies at the “American University of Beirut” (AUB), The “Lebanese American University” (LAU) and an Advisory Board member to the Faculty of Arts and Design and the Notre Dame University (NDU)

He is a mentor in the Lebanon tech startup ecosystem, a public speaker, and tech/innovation blogger “Techie Dad”